Cashing In On Profitable Relationships With the Media: A foolproof guide to increasing your profits by making friends with reporters and getting your name in the news. Tested Professional secrets from the King of FREE Publicity - Paul Hartunian!

Cashing In On Profitable
Relationships With the Media

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"Be the one that every reporter wants to talk to or write about!"

Let me show you step-by-step exactly what to say and do to get the media coverage you want…even if nobody seems to care about you or your product!

Dear Friend,

Do you wish you knew exactly what to say or do, to MAKE reporters CALL YOU and literally BEG for more information about your company, product or cause?

Do you want to make it to every reporter's "A" list - the list of "trusted friends" that they repeatedly call to get interviews, quotes, expert opinion and other juicy stories that make it to popular TV shows, radio stations and into the headlines of top-selling newspapers, magazines and respected trade publications!!

If you answered "YES" to the above two questions, then it's about time you knew the facts:

Every day, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of "FREE space" is up for grabs in the newspapers and magazines. Tens of thousands of seconds of "FREE airtime" is just waiting to be filled up.

This free media space HAS to be filled up, and it has to be filled up ON DEADLINE. Which means if YOU don't grab it NOW, somebody else will!

And who would that be?

Just about anybody! Anybody who is "available" to talk to the media. And by that I mean "Ready to talk when a reporter needs to talk to you." And NOT when YOU need to talk to a reporter!"

You can be 'available' to the media by:

  • Knowing how the media works
  • Knowing what their target readers want
  • Having a nose for good story angle, and by
  • Putting your message across in an entertaining way

If you can get these four things right, then you are the type of person the media loves!

Reporters are extremely busy, overworked people. They work with impossible deadlines and are accountable for every word they say.

There are five types of people that reporters HATE. They are people who:

checkmark Distort or exaggerate the facts
checkmark Can't see a reporter's side of the story
checkmark Insist on acting like a "brain dump", plying them with too many boring facts and details
checkmark Insist on working their sales spiel into every sentence
checkmark Nag reporters with too many calls and rude reminders

Unfortunately, most of the people who call reporters fall into these five categories.

That's why, when you win a reporter's confidence and become a "trusted source" they keep turning to you. They can't get enough of your ideas, advice and opinion. And each time they turn to you, YOUR name, your business or your product will get featured.

People will repeatedly see you, hear your words or
read about you in the press, on TV and on the radio.
What's that worth to your business and your reputation?

As one of my members discovered after doing my program, "Anybody can become an authority on something and become a celebrity." In fact, just by being available to the media at the crucial moment, you can become the 'final word' on the subject….

Without spending a single dime on advertising!

But first, you need to realize what reporters want. Reporters don't give a hoot about your profit or your image. Why should they?

The only way to catch a reporter's eye... Is to give them what they want, when they want and how they want it. And that's exactly what my new manual teaches you to do!

Click here now to ORDER "Cashing In On Profitable Relationships With the Media" Right Away, and get the info-packed hard-copy edition delivered right to your doorstep!!

Just by knowing my 'insider secrets' you can make friends with the media, you can use the media to get mountains free publicity, simply by knowing what the media wants and giving it to them FIRST.

I will show you step-by-step exactly what to say and do to get the publicity you want…including

bullet How to make your first contact
bullet How to track down reporters that would be interested in your story
bullet How to tap new publicity sources that are hungry for your news
bullet How to write a "news worthy" press release
bullet How to research a publication before submitting your press release
bullet How to build your media contact list
bullet How to distribute your press releases CHEAP! Most PR firms will charge you thousands of $$$ just to send out your press releases. I'll show you how to do it yourself for pennies, nickels and dimes!
bullet Finding hidden "story" angles that your competitors missed
bullet Tips for making it to every Reporter's "A" List:
Professional secrets to win the confidence and friendship of media "insiders"
bullet First-timer interview strategies
bullet Follow-up etiquette and relationship-building advice
bullet How to get measurable RESULTS from your publicity efforts
bullet How to turn FREE Publicity into cash in the bank:
Learn to plug your product into your publicity efforts, get people to call your number, visit your website or buy your thing after hearing about it in the media.

What can this book do for YOUR business?

Good Media Relations can take the risk out of launching a new business, testing a new product or expanding to new markets. It can position you as an expert in your field within days or weeks, instead of months and years.

One dirt-cheap press release that I sent from home got me featured on radio, TV, newspapers, magazines all around the world, creating a deluge of orders for my new product. Another press release established me as an expert on dating and relationships, while others help to fill up my professional speaking calendar year-round.

Publicity works for any product or any business or any issue...and unlike advertising it's FREE!

If you want to get MILLIONS of $$$ worth of media exposure…not just once or twice but over and over, as often as you like, then there is no easier way to get started than to read my new manual "Cashing In On Profitable Relationships With the Media". It's 60 single spaced, tightly-packed pages with no fluff, no padding and no wasted time. Just solid, do-it-now strategies you can use to get publicity for your product, service, business or profession.

The price of the manual is $79 plus $7 for shipping and handling anywhere in the world.

Click here now to ORDER "Cashing In On Profitable Relationships With the Media" Right Away, and get the info-packed hard-copy edition delivered to your doorstep, by U.S. Mail.

Here's to your publicity profits,
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PS: Start putting my publicity secrets to work for you and discover how EASY it is to get more money and fame by developing PROFITABLE media relationships!

Paul Hartunian
Box 43596
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043

Phone (973)857-4142 


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